Business Partner and Internal Consulting Skills Development


For many years we have provided a range of high impact Business Partner & Internal Consulting Skills Development programmes.

These are targeted at meeting the needs of a wide range of internal support roles including: Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Internal Audit, Procurement, Facilities, Quality, Technical, Legal and Property specialists.

Our programmes are delivered as both public events and as in-house programmes. In-house programmes are frequently customised.

We have successfully run these programmes across the globe including Europe, the Americas, South East Asia and Australia.

Our Public Programmes

Our many successful Public Programmes have attracted a wide range of participants from an array of major businesses and corporations.

Our Customised Programmes

In addition to our highly successful core 3-day programme, we also provide Customized Programmes to focus on specific business issues or challenges.

These programmes are built around our proven Client Management Methodology.

The key features of our customised programmes include:

We are always prepared to discuss any critical business project and how our proven approaches can be customised to meet your needs.

Our programmes have been run in many major blue chip corporations including: BAT, Ernst & Young, Barclays Global Investors, Hitachi, IKEA, Lloyds Bank, Lundbeck, Paroc, Pfizer, Rexam, Sara Lee DE, Solvay, Sony, T-Mobile, Time Warner, Unilever, The Wolseley Group.


Real skills – Our programmes are not about theory but rather focus on practice and experiential learning. Participants are challenged to apply best practice in highly realistic corporate and business scenarios.

Valuable insights – Participants are exposed to a series of demanding scenarios that challenge their perceptions, technical skills and capabilities.

Increased self awareness – Participants learn about themselves, and how their style and preferences influence the interactions with their internal clients.

Proven tools and methodologies – These help participants develop effective solutions and internal client relationships.


I would rate this as one of the best courses I have attended in the last 5 years  – The feedback and the atmosphere was excellent

Simon Bullers, Former Principal, Global Platform Manager Barclays Global Investors

I really learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend it

Olivia Ory, Corporate Staffing Specialist ST Electronics

I enjoyed the programme immensely.  It gave time away from the office to learn and practice new techniques without fear of ridicule.  We came away with a valuable toolbox to dip into in the future. An excellent investment of time and I will certainly recommend it to other colleagues

Richard Brookes, Chief Accountant, Syngenta Crop Protection

Very positive experience and excellent investment of time.  I can highly
recommend this interactive and practical programme.

Kathryn Westerveld, Vice President, Head of Training & Education, ABN AMRO

It was great – I learned a huge amount

Michael Slattery, Information Management Specialist, Roche Ireland

Excellent investment – I liked the inter-action and exercises. The toolkit will also be very helpful in the future work I have to do

Inez Rongen, HR, Heineken

Since the training there have been many situations that I’ve recognised from the programme’s real life case study.  In a very practical sense this training has boosted my confidence and skills in becoming a high value added internal advisor/partner. The great tools and models you learn can be applied in a variety of situations and are highly practical.  I still use the Aid Memoir tool kit on a regular basis.  I’ve fully recommended this programme to various colleagues within the bank and will continue to do so!

Nico Nanninga, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. – TB GCS Enterprise Services Business Manager

I found the programme highly useful as it replicates the reality of the corporate world. We also got to practice using a significant number of extremely powerful consulting tools. The programme’s case study and challenging role plays is highly effective and the whole experience opened my eyes (and ears) to what it takes to operate as a real business partner and internal consultant

Thomas Pfeil, Manager Health Economics, Nycomed Pharma GmbH

Some Examples of Customised Solutions

Redefining the Business Role and Contribution of the Function

We have helped many core support functions – IT, Finance, HR and Internal Audit – to fundamentally re-examine their service and product offerings. Set against continued internal cost and competitive pressures we have helped functions to review their “internal brand” and in turn enabled them to reshape their business offerings. The aim being to deliver a more proactive and value added role.

Supporting Strategic and Wider Organisation Change Initiatives

Our programmes can be designed to help put together teams of support specialists and managers who may need to work together to drive mission critical business initiatives such as:

Our bespoke approach is a powerful way to get any project team up and running with immediate impact. It equips individual team members with a common methodology and language to successfully drive change projects and implementation plans.

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