Strategic Business Reviews – Facilitation

Written on November 10, 2015 at 9:09 pm, by admin

Mark Thomas has recently facilitated a series of intensive high level business strategy reviews for a global energy services business and a leading european banking group.

In both cases Mark worked very closely with business leaders to help shape the detailed agenda that in both cases covered the themes of radical change resulting from technological disruption. Executives were tasked with doing extensive pre-work as part of the process and some of the sessions included additional “thought leadership” from wider industry experts.

Both clients wanted a highly interactive process and Mark helped to design and lead both workshops to ensure that the clients’ objectives were fully met.

Major Legal Conference – “Trusted Adviser” Keynote Speaker

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Mark Thomas gave a keynote speech to over 450 legal professionals at a major global conference in Lisbon on the topic of the “Trusted Adviser.”

As the session was at the end of a long three day conference the client also requested that the 2.5 hour session be interactive! Not an easy challenge given the timing and number of people in the room! However, by working very closely with the client in advance of the event – and with some very creative design and strong time control – Mark was able to deliver a highly successful session that ended the conference on a strong high.

Finance Business Partnering Gathers Pace

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Performance Dynamics continues to develop its work with major finance teams helping them to build a Business Partnering capability. Recently we worked with a global pharmaceutical business as well as a leading UK and European distribution company to help reshape their finance teams’ service offerings. In both cases the work was part of a wider finance department transformation agenda that included considerable systems investment as well as looking at the individual Business Partner service offer.

Indeed we have recently seen increased interest from the finance function with regard to developing a business partnering capability as more and more finance teams look to transform their operations.

Earlier this year we also worked with a major UK Housing Association and its centralised services operation in similarly helping to develop a Business Partnering strategy and capability. In this case we also worked with IT and HR professionals as well as Finance team members. The aim again being to develop a common “client centred” operating style and vocabularly across the service organisation.

Business Partner Development Work 2012

Written on October 1, 2012 at 8:49 am, by admin

Performance Dynamics Management Consultants continue to run a range of highly successful business partners skills development programmes and initiatives with leading businesses. Our work with HR, MIS/IT and finance functions is being conducted on a global basis. In 2012 we have been working with a leading global FMCG business on developing their internal HR Business Partner capability and have so far run programmes in the UK, Argentina, China, Turkey and USA.

This follows similar programmes with a leading european telecoms operator and pharmaceutical group and their finance functions. Indeed we now see the Business Partner concept spreading to all support functions as they strive to add value in these highly demanding and cost conscious times.

Business School Award for Mark Thomas 2012

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Early this year Mark Thomas was awarded a “Best Teacher” Award by the Dutch business school, TiasNimbas. The award was for his work on leadership and change management involving a range of Masters Programmes encompassing Marketing and Business Innovation. Mark has been a visiting Adjunct Professor at the Tilburg based TiasNimbas for several years and participates in a range of programmes and initiatives involving both the School’s public programmes as well as working with some their top Dutch corporate clients.

Organisation Consultancy Work

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Performance Dynamics continue to design and facilitate complex workshops around a a range of challenging business topics. In recent months we have worked with a major global chemicals business on re-organising a key part of their business. The project involved extensive work with the leadership team and key managers and then an intensive two day workshop aimed at addressing the key issues and producing an agreed outcome on the new organisation.

This work is in line with other recent projects including:

Helping to merge two large European food processing businesses and align their leadership and management practices and culture through a series of off-site reviews and workshops

Assisting the leadership team of a high tech business in developing and aligning their new business strategy and organisation.

HR Business Partner Programme – Pharmaceutical Industry

Written on May 19, 2010 at 8:50 am, by admin

Nick Kelly and Mark Thomas have just completed running a highly successful HRBP programme for a global pharmaceutical company. The programme involved senior HR practitioners drawn from across the business and was described as “fantastic” by the client involved. It follows our continuing success in working with HR functions and helping them develop new capabilities.

Mergers and Acquisitions Publication

Written on April 24, 2010 at 8:52 am, by admin

Mark Thomas has in the last few months published a new and revised edition of his “Mergers and Acquisitions – Confronting the Organisation and People Issues” report. The work details some of the classic challenges and issues involved in  mergers and acquisitions and details case studies involving companies such AOL and TimeWarner, and DaimlerChrysler.  The work is available for purchase from

International Leadership Development Programme

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Performance Dynamics has recently completed a major project with a leading national oil company to develop and train over 100 managers and team leaders . The work was completed in collaboration with a specialist oil and gas consultancy and ran from December 2009 through to March 2010. The programmes focused on leadership, strategic thinking and leading change and were consistently rated “excellent” by the client.

HR Business Partner Programme

Written on April 24, 2010 at 8:51 am, by admin

In March of this year, Mark Thomas again led one of his highly successful HR Business Partner Programmes in Brussels in conjunction with PPI an associate organisation. The highly success programme had participants from a range of international businesses and industries. The programme achieved its usual praise for being “highly practical and insightful.”  Further programmes are planned for June 2010 and details can be obtained by contacting us.