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Are the consultants we need already working for us?

The time has come for organisation leaders to reshape their traditional IT, Finance and HR support functions into high value added Business Partner and Internal Consultancy roles. An interview with Mark Thomas

Business Partner & Internal Consultancy Skills Development Programme

“Today’s Challenge: If you can’t add value, you just add cost.” The pressure is now on all support functions. Whether you are from IT, Finance, Marketing, HR or another support area, outsourcing, consulting and offshoring contracts are eating into the traditional security that your these functions have enjoyed. It is no longer sufficient to deliver good transactional services. In today’s environment if you are not adding value it is not long before someone starts asking challenging questions about the cost-benefits of your function. The Global Internal Consultant Programme

Moving from The IT Techie Image to Business Partner Role

In today’s world, technical expertise is simply the ticket to the game for the excellent IT professional. It is not enough to be technically proficient; you must demonstrate a strong business understanding and possess real influencing and client management skills. The challenge is how to become a highly effective and trusted Business Partner. The High Performance IT professional

Watch out there’s a consultant about!

External consultants have come to play a key role in helping to shape or implement new organisation strategies and structures. At the same time many internal specialists are often tasked with managing the day-to-day work of the external consultant. It is essential that people inside an organisation know how to manage the external consultant. A humorous guide to managing external consultants